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Love one another

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Here’s a possible chiasm in 1 John 4:7-21:

A (v. 7): Born of God, know God ⇒ love one another

B (v. 8): Not love ⇒ not know God

C (vv. 9-11):

Love is manifest among us
Son sent into the world
God sent Son as propitiation
God loved us ⇒ we love one another

D (v. 12): Love one another ⇒ God abides in us

E (v. 13): The Spirit seals or proves our abiding

F (v. 14): Father sent Son to be Savior of the world

E’ (v. 15): Our confession proves our abiding

D’ (v. 16): Abide in love ⇒ God abides in us

C’ (vv. 17-19):

Love is perfected with us
We are in the world
No fear or punishment; perfected in love
God loved us ⇒ we love

B’ (v. 20): Not love brother ⇒ not love God

A’ (v. 21): Love God ⇒ love brother

There are some pairings of knowledge (A, B) and love (A’, B’), Spirit (E) and confession (E’). I like that verse 14 is at the focal point.

Peter Leithart suggests some possible alternatives, and also suggests a chiasm for the first six verses.

Written by Scott Moonen

September 2, 2012 at 4:02 pm

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