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Loftness on Work

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John Loftness of Covenant Life Church gave a message on work which I listened to recently. Here’s my chicken-scratch notes:

  1. God gave work to bless us as we serve as His image-bearers. We exercise royal dominion over the earth as God’s representatives.
  2. “God hides himself at work, waiting for us to find Him there.”

    “We sanctify our work by looking for God in our daily responsibilities.”

    “Whenever we face a situation that is ‘not good’, we can believe that God is behind it and wants to meet us in it.”

    Luther: work is God’s “mask”.

    sin — seeking to find good apart from God. God creates lacks, prompts for us to seek Him.

  3. We sanctify work by embracing it as a place of suffering for God. The cross makes sense of the toil, and sometimes futility, of work. The world is under judgment; the kingdom has come, but not in full. Yet it has come to our hearts. The cross is to inform how we walk — in our own behavior and in our view of others.

Written by Scott Moonen

January 20, 2004 at 1:35 pm

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