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The future of Jesus

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I was a long while in moving from amillennialism to postmillennialism. But like many theological watersheds, more and more I saw it everywhere, and more and more it fit with other convictions.

My friend Mark Horne argues briefly for postmillennialism in a helpful series of posts, “The future of Jesus:”

  1. The future of Jesus
    “God’s objective in Jesus is the release of the human race from slavery — not just slavery from death but slavery from every other tyrant as well.”
  2. Few to be saved?
    “It is too small a thing to God for him to show mercy on and bring salvation to a minority of humanity.”
  3. Are there earthly blessings to be expected in the future?
    “There is our hope: Not only the return of Jesus, but the victory of His Spirit and His Gospel giving the whole world true knowledge of him and of his Word, bringing about the end of wickedness and an end to the weariness of frustrated labor.”
  4. Will he make a difference in the world?
    “If there was ever a time when God allowed human societies to exist apart from loyalty to him, that time is over. God now expects everyone to acknowledge the Lordship of His Son and to obey Him.”
  5. So if Jesus rules, why isn’t life better?
    “When the Church does not teach everything Christ has commanded we should expect him to withdraw peace and prosperity from the world. This does not disprove that he reigns and has a plan for future victory; it proves that he does.”
  6. To three thousand-PLUS generations
    “So when we read in Esther 8 about a world-wide vindication of God’s people resulting in massive proselytization ‘from India to Ethiopia,’ we should realize that that was rather minimal compared to what is to happen now that Jesus has come and died and risen again.”
  7. The feast of booze
    “Jesus loves you and your Christian family but he did not die and rise again to have you in his private party. He died and rose again not only for you but also for the whole world. He wants everyone to come to his table and he will eventually ensure that the whole world is present at his feast.”
  8. When is Jesus king of kings?
    “Jesus is not becoming king at some point in the future. To be more pointed, he is not becoming the king of all nations on earth at some point in the future. He already is.”
  9. Who inherits the land/earth?
    “How is it Christian to claim that the meek won’t inherit the earth?”
  10. Who will kings acknowledge?
    “Kings are called upon to praise the Lord. We are promised that they will all give thanks to God.”
  11. Defending the future of Jesus
    “The whole reason there is an ‘antithesis’ between God and Man is because they are claiming the same territory at the same time. The new city begins now. Or rather, began then.”

Written by Scott Moonen

July 21, 2012 at 2:02 pm

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