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Chapter summaries in Numbers.

Numbers 1 – Moses and Aaron take a census of Israel’s warriors, except for the tribe of Levi, which is to serve with and guard the tabernacle.
Numbers 2 – God describes the arrangement of the camp, with all tribes surrounding the tent of meeting.
Numbers 3 – The sons of Aaron. God claims the Levites instead of the firstborn, who must be redeemed; each Levite clan is assigned responsibility for part of the tabernacle.
Numbers 4 – God gives further detailed assignments for some of the clans of Levites.
Numbers 5 – God sends lepers out of the camp, establishes a pattern of confession and restitution for sin, and provides a test for adultery.
Numbers 6 – Laws concerning a Nazirite vow of separation to the LORD; “the LORD bless you and keep you…”
Numbers 7 – The leaders of Israel give offerings and sacrifices at the consecration of the tabernacle.
Numbers 8 – The Levites are cleansed for service to God; Levites are to serve from ages 25 to 50.
Numbers 9 – Israel keeps the Passover; the Passover is to be kept even by those who are unclean; God’s cloud covers the tabernacle and leads Israel.
Numbers 10 – Silver trumpets are made for signaling and celebration; Israel sets out into the wilderness for the first time.
Numbers 11 – The people complain and God provides meat, but strikes some down. God sets his Spirit on seventy men to serve Moses.
Numbers 12 – Miriam and Aaron oppose Moses, and God sends leprosy upon Miriam.
Numbers 13 – Spies are sent into the land, returning with its fruit, but inciting fear.
Numbers 14 – Israel complains, God is angered and Moses intercedes. God sends Israel into the wilderness for forty years, and those who try to enter the land lose the battle.
Numbers 15 – Reiteration of laws for offerings and unintentional sin; a sabbath-breaker is executed; God commands the wearing of tassels to remember the law.
Numbers 16 – Korah, Dathan and Abiram rebel, along with 250 other Levites; God destroys them and sends a plague on Israel. Moses and Aaron intercede.
Numbers 17 – God demonstrates his choosing Aaron by causing Aaron’s staff to bud.
Numbers 18 – The responsibilities, sacrificial portion, and inheritance of the Levites.
Numbers 19 – Laws for uncleanness and purification.
Numbers 20 – Miriam dies; God produces water from a rock, but Moses strikes the rock in unbelief; Edom refuses Israel’s passage; Aaron dies.
Numbers 21 – God sends fiery serpents to discipline impatient Israel, but provides a bronze serpent for healing; God grants victory over Arad, Ammon and Bashan, and Israel settles in Ammon and Bashan.
Numbers 22 – Israel camps in the plains of Moab; Balaam is sent to curse Israel but is diverted by God.
Numbers 23 – Balaam blesses Israel twice.
Numbers 24 – Balaam blesses Israel and prophesies against the Canaanite nations.
Numbers 25 – Israel is enticed to Baal worship by the women of Moab and Midian; God orders the Baal worshipers destroyed.
Numbers 26 – Moses and Aaron take a census of Israel’s fighting men, and the land is to be divided proportionally. All who had rebelled in the wilderness are dead except Caleb and Joshua.
Numbers 27 – The daughters of Zelophehad are to receive an inheritance; Moses commissions Joshua to lead Israel.
Numbers 28 – Instructions for daily food offerings, Sabbath offerings, monthly offerings, Passover offerings, and offerings for the feast of weeks.
Numbers 29 – Instructions for offerings for the feast of trumpets, the day of atonement, and the feast of booths.
Numbers 30 – Laws concerning the inviolability of vows, and a father’s or husband’s right to repudiate a woman’s vow.
Numbers 31 – Israel executes vengeance on Midian at God’s command.
Numbers 32 – Gad and Reuben and half of Manasseh take land east of the Jordan, but must help conquer Canaan.
Numbers 33 – A record of Israel’s wilderness journey; God commands Israel to drive out all the inhabitants of Canaan.
Numbers 34 – God establishes the borders of Israel and gives instructions for dividing the land.
Numbers 35 – Forty-eight cities apportioned to the Levites; six of these are cities of refuge.
Numbers 36 – Land is not to be inherited across tribal boundaries.

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