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Chapter summaries in Leviticus.

Leviticus 1 – Laws for burnt offerings of cattle, sheep, goats or birds.
Leviticus 2 – Laws for unleavened grain offerings.
Leviticus 3 – Laws for peace offerings of cattle, sheep or goats.
Leviticus 4 – Laws for sin offerings for unintentional sin for priests and Israel — a bull — and leaders and individuals — a goat or lamb.
Leviticus 5 – Some situations and accommodations for sin offerings; laws for guilt offerings of rams.
Leviticus 6 – Some interpersonal situations for guilt offerings; laws for the priests in conducting burnt, grain and sin offerings.
Leviticus 7 – Laws for the priests in conducting guilt and peace offerings; laws against eating fat and blood.
Leviticus 8 – Moses consecrates and ordains Aaron and his sons.
Leviticus 9 – Aaron conducts offerings for himself and Israel; the glory of the LORD appears to Israel and consumes the burnt offering with fire.
Leviticus 10 – Nadab and Abihu are consumed with fire for disobedience; further instructions for priests eating portions of offerings.
Leviticus 11 – Laws of clean and unclean animals.
Leviticus 12 – Laws for purification after childbirth.
Leviticus 13 – Laws for leprosy, burns, and contamination in garments.
Leviticus 14 – Laws for cleansing lepers; laws for contamination in houses.
Leviticus 15 – Laws for bodily discharge and for cleansing.
Leviticus 16 – The LORD institutes the annual Sabbath day of atonement after the death of Nadab and Abihu, involving sin offerings and a scapegoat.
Leviticus 17 – Sacrifices must be brought to the tent of meeting; laws against eating blood.
Leviticus 18 – Laws forbidding sexual immorality and child sacrifice.
Leviticus 19 – God is holy and requires his people to be holy; laws for interpersonal justice, and miscellaneous laws.
Leviticus 20 – Laws against child sacrifice, mediums, sexual immorality; God requires his people to be holy and separate.
Leviticus 21 – God requires his priests to be holy and clean.
Leviticus 22 – Laws concerning uncleanness and the holy things of the tabernacle; sacrifices must be without blemish.
Leviticus 23 – Feasts: the Sabbath, Passover, feast of first fruits, feast of weeks, feast of trumpets, day of atonement, and feast of booths.
Leviticus 24 – Lamp oil and bread for the tabernacle; death for blasphemy; an eye for an eye.
Leviticus 25 – Sabbath year and year of jubilee; redemption of property; kindness to fellow Israelites in poverty.
Leviticus 26 – Blessings for covenant keeping and severe discipline for covenant breaking.
Leviticus 27 – Laws concerning vows and tithes, and redeeming by adding a fifth to the value.

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