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Chapter summaries in Exodus.

Exodus 1 – A new Pharaoh subjugates Israel into hard labor and seeks to kill all male babies.
Exodus 2 – Moses is spared; Moses kills an Egyptian and flees to Midian; God hears Israel’s cries.
Exodus 3 – God appears to Moses and calls him to lead Israel out of Egypt into Canaan.
Exodus 4 – God encourages and rebukes Moses, appoints Aaron, foretells Pharaoh’s hardening. Return to Egypt; Israel encouraged.
Exodus 5 – Plea to Pharaoah; work is increased. Displeasure with Moses and Aaron; plea to God.
Exodus 6 – God encourages Moses; Israel despairs. Generations of Israel; Moses despairs twice.
Exodus 7 – God encourages Moses, foretells hardening and deliverance. Sign of rod, plague of blood.
Exodus 8 – Plagues of frogs, gnats, insects; Pharaoh remains hardened.
Exodus 9 – Plagues of disease on livestock, boils, hail; God purposes to proclaim his name. Pharaoh remains hardened.
Exodus 10 – Plagues of locusts and darkness; Pharaoh remains hardened.
Exodus 11 – Israel finds favor with Egyptians. God plans to kill Egypt’s firstborn, “make a distinction” between the nations, display his wonders.
Exodus 12 – Institution of the Passover. Israel is sent out of Egypt, in haste with plunder.
Exodus 13 – Firstborn sanctified to God; God leads Israel to the Red Sea.
Exodus 14 – Pharaoh pursues Israel; Israel rebels, but God delivers them through the Red Sea and they fear God.
Exodus 15 – Israel praises God for their deliverance. Israel grumbles and God makes the waters of Marah sweet.
Exodus 16 – Israel grumbles; God provides quail and manna.
Exodus 17 – Israel grumbles and God provides water from a rock. Moses raises his hands for the battle with Amalek.
Exodus 18 – Jethro returns with Moses’ wife and children, and sacrifices to God. Jethro counsels Moses to establish able leaders.
Exodus 19 – Pentecost: God, holy and merciful, charges Israel to obey and live as his people.
Exodus 20 – On the basis of their deliverance, God commands Israel to obey ten commandments, promising blessing to all who remember his name.
Exodus 21 – Laws about slaves, murder and livestock.
Exodus 22 – Laws about livestock, theft, negligence, idolatry, injustice and honoring God.
Exodus 23 – Laws about lying and injustice, Sabbath year, Sabbath, feasts, sacrifice. Promise of victory in Canaan.
Exodus 24 – Confirmation of the covenant, with sacrifices; Moses on the mountain with God.
Exodus 25 – Instructions for giving; instructions for the ark of the covenant, table for bread, and lamp stand.
Exodus 26 – Instructions for the tabernacle.
Exodus 27 – Instructions for the bronze altar, courtyard, and lamp oil.
Exodus 28 – Instructions for the clothing and ordination of Aaron and his sons as priests.
Exodus 29 – Instructions for the consecration of Aaron and his sons by anointing and sacrifice; instructions for daily sacrifices.
Exodus 30 – Instructions for the altar of incense, census tax, bronze basin, anointing oil, and incense.
Exodus 31 – Bezalel and Oholiab gifted and called to fashion the temple and its implements; command to keep the Sabbath; giving of the tablets.
Exodus 32 – The golden calf; Moses intercedes; the sons of Levi destroy 3000, and God sends a plague.
Exodus 33 – God will not go with Israel from Sinai; Moses appeals, and asks to see God’s glory.
Exodus 34 – God proclaims his name to Moses and renews the giving of the covenant; Moses’ face shone.
Exodus 35 – Moses reviews Sabbath law; Israel donates to the tabernacle.
Exodus 36 – Bezalel and Oholiab oversee the construction of the tabernacle.
Exodus 37 – Bezalel makes the ark, table, lampstand, altar of incense, anointing oil and incense.
Exodus 38 – Bezalel makes the altar of burnt offering, the bronze basin and the court. Accounting of materials used in the tabernacle.
Exodus 39 – The high priest’s garments; Moses blesses the work.
Exodus 40 – The tabernacle is erected and consecrated; Aaron and his sons are consecrated. The glory of the LORD fills the tabernacle.

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