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Ends and beginnings and faith

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 Peter Leithart writes about faith:

Ruth begins with death – the death of the land in famine, the death of exile, the death of Elimelech, the death of Naomi’s sons, the death of Naomi’s future. Naomi goes out full, and comes back empty. Ruth 1 is a perfect tragic story, a story of endings and emptyings.

But it is chapter 1, and the author wants us to realize that this series of deaths is not an end. The end of chapter 1 is a beginning, as Naomi and Ruth return to Bethlehem “at the beginning of the barley harvest” (v. 22). The author makes his point with a touch so light as to be nearly imperceptible, but the import of that “beginning” is as weighty as anything in Scripture.

“In the beginning” and “once upon a time” make rational sense as the beginning of a story. But recognizing a beginning on the other side of an end is an act of faith.

Mark Dever makes a similar point in his treatment of Ruth. To human eyes, all is despair at the beginning of this book. But the writer of Ruth gives us a glimpse of what a sovereign and good God is planning and working behind the scenes. You can listen to Dever preach on the whole book of Ruth, and also on Ruth chapter 1 specifically.

See also William Cowper’s hymn, God Moves in a Mysterious Way.

Written by Scott Moonen

February 7, 2008 at 10:01 am


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Who do you trust in?

I trust in God!

God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For what do you trust in God our Father?

God is my Father. He loves me, watches over me, cares for me, and provides for me. Thank you, Father!

For what do you trust in Jesus the Son?

Jesus is my Savior. He died to take away my sin, give me his righteousness, and make me part of God’s family. Now he intercedes for me. Thank you, Jesus!

For what do you trust in the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit gives me life by uniting me with Jesus; helps me to trust and obey God; and helps me to grow to be more like Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit!

How do you trust in God?

By resting in him for my salvation and for all my needs.

Why does God love you?

He made me his child.

How do you know that God loves you?

He gave his son Jesus for me.

Why do you love God?

Because he first loved me.

Why do you obey God?

Because I love him.

Written by Scott Moonen

June 5, 2006 at 12:01 pm

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Small is the Trust When Love is Green

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Small is the trust when love is green
In sap of early years;
A little thing steps in between
And kisses turn to tears.

Awhile – and see how love be grown
In loveliness and power!
Awhile, it loves the sweets alone,
But next it loves the sour.

A little love is none at all
That wanders or that fears;
A hearty love dwells still at call
To kisses or to tears.

Such then be mine, my love to give,
And such be yours to take:-
A faith to hold, a life to live,
For lovingkindness’ sake:

Should you be sad, should you be gay,
Or should you prove unkind,
A love to hold the growing way
And keep the helping mind:-

A love to turn the laugh on care
When wrinkled care appears,
And, with an equal will, to share
Your losses and your tears.

–Robert Louis Stevenson

Written by Scott Moonen

June 13, 2005 at 5:37 am