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Chapter summaries in Joshua.

Joshua 1 – God instructs Joshua and Israel to enter the land, and to be strong, courageous and faithful.
Joshua 2 – Joshua sends spies to Jericho who stay with Rahab and return with a good report.
Joshua 3 – Israel crosses the Jordan opposite Jericho on dry ground.
Joshua 4 – Israel builds a memorial of twelve stones from the Jordan to remember God’s might and fear him.
Joshua 5 – The nations fear Israel; Joshua circumcises the men and they celebrate the Passover; Joshua sees the commander of the army of the LORD.
Joshua 6 – God grants victory over Jericho.
Joshua 7 – Israel is defeated at Ai; Achan, his family and possessions are destroyed for Achan’s sin.
Joshua 8 – God grants victory over Ai; Joshua builds an altar and Israel reaffirms God’s covenant with its blessings and curses.
Joshua 9 – Gibeon deceives Israel into making them servants rather than conquering them.
Joshua 10 – The sun stands still in Israel’s battle against Gibeon’s enemies, the five Amorite kings; Israel is victorious and the kings are executed; Israel is victorious over all of southern Canaan.
Joshua 11 – Northern Canaan allies against Israel; God grants Israel victory. Joshua took the whole land and gave it for an inheritance to Israel.
Joshua 12 – A rehearsing of the kings defeated by Moses and by Joshua.
Joshua 13 – Joshua is old; the north’s Philistines and the south are unconquered. The inheritance East of the Jordan is recounted.
Joshua 14 – Caleb is given Hebron at his request.
Joshua 15 – The inheritance of Judah and of Caleb; the Jebusites are not driven out of Jerusalem.
Joshua 16 – The inheritance of Ephraim and Manasseh; Gezer is not driven out.
Joshua 17 – The inheritance of Manasseh; some Canaanites are not driven out.
Joshua 18 – Men are sent out to describe the remaining land; Benjamin’s inheritance.
Joshua 19 – The inheritance of Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, Dan. Joshua is given a city.
Joshua 20 – The cities of refuge are established.
Joshua 21 – Cities and pasturelands are given to Levi. God fulfilled his promises of victory and gave Israel rest.
Joshua 22 – The eastern tribes return home; there is a misunderstanding over their altar of witness.
Joshua 23 – In his old age, Joshua reminds Israel of God’s goodness to them and charges them to remain faithful to God.
Joshua 24 – Israel renews their covenant, choosing to serve the LORD and forsaking other gods; Joshua dies.

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