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Jesu, Juva

Metábasis eis állo génos (3-17)

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Ken Meyers describes culture as “a system that has the power to make you feel guilty.” Although this is partly tongue in cheek, I think he is right. Culture is the cultivation of a standard of goodness, truth, and beauty, and it is inescapable. This means that Girardian systems are inescapable. It is not a question of whether there is guilt or even a question of whether you deal with it by scapegoat, but who is your scapegoat.

My friend Dave notes that premillennialism makes the exact same error as second temple Judaism: it expects that the mission of God’s people will fail but Jesus will make up the difference by means of the physical sword.

Written by Scott Moonen

July 24, 2022 at 7:49 am

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