I gotta have my orange juice.

Jesu, Juva

Metábasis eis állo génos (2-47)

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Doug Wilson writes:

So we need to remember that the eschatological future promised by the prophet Isaiah, and the future that was shaped by the industrial revolution and will continue to be shaped by the digital revolution, are the same future. I don’t believe in an invisible spiritual future, shaped by the Holy Spirit, full of sweetness and light, and an actual historical future shaped by the Devil, Halliburton, the Illuminati, and Murphy’s law. The world, this world, is presently going where Jesus is taking it. So we should be wise, and stop worrying.

Asher and I started the spring with two new bee hives. Our hives fluctuated up and down, and we are now left with neither of our original hives, but only the feral hive captured by a friend which, I suspect, robbed our two other hives. You can also just make out my two new apple trees:

1769: The Authorized Version pioneers the use of both the smile and frown emoticons (Exodus 23):

I sneezed and I learned about . . . the explosive power of a new affliction.

Then I drank some hot coughee to see if it would help tone down the cacoughony.

Written by Scott Moonen

November 19, 2021 at 7:23 pm

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