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We found last time that invocation is the only way in which a man can get beyond the narrowing of his self-consciousness by his daily tasks. We said that by invocation—the essence of prayer—you can pray sufficiently by just invoking the name of the master of our destinies. I probably mentioned this to you, that the original prayers of mankind have all just been long lists of names, because every one of these names places the person who pronounces them, you see, in the right perspective. If you call God merciful, you need mercy. If you claim Him just, you expect justice. If you claim Him Father, you expect to be His child. So there is no name of any god who does not place the invoker. This is completely lost on modern man because modern man has in his thinking machine—has completely forgotten that thought is very inferior to speech. The real power of the human being is in this—the words that are spoken to him and that he speaks—not in what you think. That’s just all dawn and dusk. If you consider what you have to say out loud to what you think, the only important things are what you say, or what you hear. And what you think is absolutely minor. Now that’s of course against the whole dogma of modern, natural man, who thinks he’s a natural beast, with cleverness, insight. I’ve never seen such an animal. I’ve always felt that all people wake up to alertness and are forced to think, because somebody speaks to them. Then they go home and ponder for special belief. You resent what your father told you, he scolds you. For 24 hours, you only think of justifications why he shouldn’t have said that. And that you call thinking. And on it goes. We all think, gentlemen, after somebody has spoken to us or before we have to speak to somebody. Thinking is nothing but a storage room for speech.

Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Comparative Religion, 1954

Written by Scott Moonen

January 16, 2020 at 6:43 pm

Posted in Quotations

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