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Gentlemen, you and I cannot live naturally. . . You must die to your adolescence and just become men. And you have died already to your boyhood and now you are a student. And you have been a baby and you became a boy. And you will have to die to your manhood and become a father. And you will have to die to your fatherhood and become an ancestor. . . And you can’t help it. You have just the choice, to die or to live. That is, time overtakes you all the time, and makes you old. But you can . . . grow old with honor and you can grow old without honor. And you have all the idea that old age has just to be shunned and postponed and you want even to live 150 years, gentlemen. If you can live 70 years spiritually, thank your maker. That’s enough, because in 70 years you have to die perhaps five or six times. And anybody who can conquer death that often, you see, will then die like King David, satisfied with life, as you know. The Bible says that when King David died, he was satiated with life, and had no interest to live another 70 years. And you see how irreligious, how naturalistic modern man is that he actually thinks doctors should be allowed to prolong life to 150 years, old as Methuselah. . . .

Life cannot be arbitrarily shortened. It cannot be arbitrarily prolonged. But it can be mastered, and the mastery of life consists in conquering the deaths that occur in the meantime, in between. (Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Comparative Religion, 1954)

Written by Scott Moonen

November 27, 2018 at 5:48 pm

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