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Now, you are so much victims of modern propaganda, that you even believe that all propaganda is of the same brand, and that only those who do not propagate their faith are decent, and everybody who wants to make disciples is indecent. Gentlemen, I want to make disciples. Certainly. But it is claimed as bad taste in this college: “You mustn’t make disciples.” Gentlemen, then I couldn’t teach. And therefore you have no teaching in this college, because nobody wants to do anything but make suggestions, and perhaps it’s a good idea. Perhaps you look at it in your own way. I think that’s silly; it’s a complete waste of time. If I am not convinced, that is, if I do not think that my thought must bear fruit, I certainly am not adequate for teaching. Teaching means the propagation, you see, of the truth, and can only propagate it if you get hold of this truth, because I say so. (Eugen Rosenstock–Huessy, Hinge of Generations, 1953)

Written by Scott Moonen

October 6, 2017 at 5:37 pm

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