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We’ve been listening to The Lord of the Rings audiobook as a family. Yesterday we happened upon this great quote:

Merry and Pippin heard, clear in the cold air, the neighing of war-horses, and the sudden singing of many men. The Sun’s limb was lifted, an arc of fire, above the margin of the world. Then with a great cry the Riders charged from the East; the red light gleamed on mail and spear.

Song and warfare go hand in hand. Worship is warfare.

It interests me that Tolkien has the hobbits refer to the sun as feminine:

‘Hullo!’ said Merry. ‘The Sun must have run into a cloud while we’ve been under these trees, and now she has run out again; or else she has climbed high enough to look down through some opening. It isn’t far—let’s go and investigate!’

This rainy Sunday afternoon we drew our impressions of Treebeard. Here’s what we came up with:





Written by Scott Moonen

March 16, 2014 at 3:36 pm

Posted in Personal, Quotations

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