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Jesus is Lord, and Jesus is not anxious.

Last year I read Edwin Friedman’s book, A Failure of Nerve. It is full of fascinating insights; sometime I hope to find time to write more about it. But as my pastors begin a series on anxiety, one particular insight jumps out at me.

Friedman talks about how anxiety in leaders is the fountainhead of individual and organizational breakdown and paralysis. He challenges leaders to see the importance of non-anxious leadership. This is not simply to say that effective leaders should be anxiety absorbers, taking it all into themselves and hanging on to it; rather, good and effective leaders are themselves free of anxiety.

Friedman makes a good case for his claims about the outcomes of chronically anxious leadership. Although I would want to temper and supplement some of what he has to say, I think his insight has great value for husbands, fathers, mothers, pastors, managers, team leaders, and more.

But let’s take things up a level. Christians are part of a kingdom and family.

Jesus is Lord, and Jesus is not anxious.

Think about that for awhile and let it sink in. If Friedman is right, this should calm and empower us profoundly.

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Written by Scott Moonen

January 26, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Posted in Christ is Lord

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