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Cold-brew coffee

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We’ve started making cold-brew coffee to enjoy on weekend afternoons. What they say is true — it has little of the bitterness of normal coffee, so that it tastes almost sweet. Cold-brew coffee very nearly fulfills the promise of coffee’s aroma.

Here’s how we make it:

  1. Measure the usual amount of coffee grounds you would use and place it in a French press
  2. Pour room-temperature water over it; use half the amount of water you would use if you were making a hot brew
  3. Let it steep for twelve hours
  4. Press (and optionally filter) the coffee and store it in the fridge
  5. When you’re ready to drink it, add to it an equal portion of either water or milk

Enjoy! It’s worth the inconvenience of having to prepare well in advance.

Written by Scott Moonen

July 12, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Posted in Recipes

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