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My pastor recently posed the question, “What do you say when your child says, ‘Mom, I’m a Christian’?” He warned against discouraging or stumbling our children by telling them “we’ll wait and see.”

Perhaps you are uncomfortable calling your children Christians, although Scripture uses the word simply to mean one who is discipled. Regardless, it is not enough to appropriate the name “Christian;” we point beyond it, reminding them and ourselves that faith is a daily walking as much as a starting. So we help them to see all the privileges and responsibilities of belonging to Christ. We are repeatedly saying things like: “Isn’t it so good to . . .”

  • . . . be forgiven
  • . . . have our sins washed away
  • . . . have God as our father
  • . . . have God as our provider
  • . . . belong to God
  • . . . belong to Jesus
  • . . . be a part of God’s family
  • . . . rely on Jesus
  • . . . have Jesus as our savior
  • . . . have life in Jesus
  • . . . be joined to Jesus
  • . . . have Jesus as our king
  • . . . have the Holy Spirit to help us love and obey
  • . . . have the Holy Spirit to comfort us
  • . . . serve God
  • . . . obey God

This is simply part of fanning into flame — urging our children to grow and continue and delight in these things that are a part of obedient faith. It is such a delight to know, trust and obey a king who is so great and so good to us! God has designed for our children to trust us instinctively, just so that we can help them to see his goodness and to trust him instinctively now, and with more understanding over the years. Jesus even points to a child’s instinctive, joyful, care-free trusting as an example for us in our own faith.

Some of these things are true even for the hardest of unbelievers — Jesus is king over all the earth, and we are to obey God. Part of our children’s and our own walking in faith is simply seeing, delighting and resting in what is already true, rather than chafing or cursing. “Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, [and] you will be saved.”

Written by Scott Moonen

May 14, 2010 at 6:33 pm

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