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Woot.com is selling a 2GB MP3 player today for $13.

At Crossway.org you can buy the ESV on MP3 for $30 (there is also a version by Mac McLean which is more expensive). Sometimes they have discounts, but I can’t find an active coupon code today. If your church has a bookstore you could check with them to see if they have a trade account with Crossway; I’m not sure if Crossway discounts the MP3s for trade customers but it’s worth asking.

Back in January Woot was selling this MP3 player, and I bought it plus the ESV on MP3. At the time there was an active coupon code so the Bible cost me only $20. Since then I’ve been listening to the ESV during my work commute. My drive is a little more than 30 minutes each way, and right now I’m working from home only one day per week. The entire Bible is about 70 hours, so I’ve just now finished and am starting up again. I’m enjoying this greatly. It certainly helps with devotional consistency! And the pace is interesting — there are things to see at every level of detail, and this pace has its own sort of breathtaking.

If you read this after today then Woot will be selling something completely different. But they sell inexpensive MP3 players from time to time so check them daily; alternatively you can find some MP3 players under $30 at Overstock.com. One hint about the Sansa Clip and the Crossway ESV: even if you copy the MP3 files to the Music folder, they will not show up under the Music menu on the device. Instead, the Clip realizes they are books and places them under the Audiobook menu.

Written by Scott Moonen

May 10, 2010 at 6:11 am

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