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Chapter summaries in Genesis.

Genesis 1 – God creates all from nothing, by His spoken word, and all very good; man as image-bearer; man’s mandate.
Genesis 2 – God rests; formation of Adam and Eve; Eden; covenant of life.
Genesis 3 – Man’s temptation, sin, fall, curse, judgment, banishment, and hope.
Genesis 4 – Abel’s offering accepted; Abel’s murder; Cain’s judgment; Cain’s offspring; Seth’s birth.
Genesis 5 – The line of Adam through Seth to Noah and his sons; Enoch translated.
Genesis 6 – Wickedness multiplies; God is grieved and plans to destroy and to save; Noah obeys.
Genesis 7 – The ark is entered and the earth is flooded; every living thing is blotted out.
Genesis 8 – The water subsides, the earth dries, and the ark is exited; Noah worships God; God’s promise.
Genesis 9 – God blesses Noah and establishes covenant with all living creatures; Ham’s sin and Noah’s curse on Canaan.
Genesis 10 – Genealogies of Noah’s sons.
Genesis 11 – Tower built; God confuses language; genealogy from Shem to Abram; Terah journeys from Ur to Canaan but settles in Haran.
Genesis 12 – God’s promise to Abram; journey to Canaan; deceit in Egypt over Sarai.
Genesis 13 – Abram and Lot separate; God promises land to Abram forever.
Genesis 14 – Abram recues Lot, tithes to Melchizedek, and refuses reward from Sodom.
Genesis 15 – God promises innumerable offspring; Abram believes; prophecy of captivity in Egypt; Abram sacrifices.
Genesis 16 – Offspring through Hagar, who flees but returns after God’s instruction and blessing.
Genesis 17 – Covenant to bless and multiply ”Abraham” and ”Sarah”; promise of land; circumcision as sign of covenant.
Genesis 18 – Three men visit; Sarah laughs at prophecy; Abraham intercedes for Sodom and Gomorrah.
Genesis 19 – Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed; Lot rescued; Lot’s incest.
Genesis 20 – Deceit in Negev over Sarah.
Genesis 21 – Isaac is born and circumcised; Hagar is sent out; Abraham covenants with Abimelech.
Genesis 22 – God tests Abraham, provides a sacrificial ram, and promises to bless Abraham.
Genesis 23 – Sarah dies in Hebron; Abraham buys a field and buries her in a cave.
Genesis 24 – God guides Abraham’s servant to find Rebekah as a wife for Isaac.
Genesis 25 – Abraham dies; Ishmael’s offspring; Jacob and Esau born; Esau sells birthright.
Genesis 26 – God blesses and prospers Isaac; deceit over Rebekah; conflict over wells; Esau grieves parents.
Genesis 27 – Jacob steals Esau’s blessing.
Genesis 28 – Jacob journeys to Haran, is blessed by God in a dream, and builds an altar.
Genesis 29 – Jacob serves Laban for Rachel and Leah. Leah is fruitful but Rachel barren.
Genesis 30 – Jacob’s children; Rachel conceives; Jacob schemes for the best of Laban’s flocks.
Genesis 31 – Jacob flees toward Canaan; Laban pursues, searches for idols Rachel stole; Jacob and Laban covenant together.
Genesis 32 – Jacob seeks to appease Esau, and wrestles with God for a blessing; Jacob called Israel.
Genesis 33 – Jacob and Esau meet; Jacob builds an altar in Shechem.
Genesis 34 – Shechem rapes Jacob’s daughter Dinah; Simon and Levi deceive and kill every man in the city.
Genesis 35 – Jacob builds altar at Bethel; Jacob blessed and called Israel; Rachel dies in labor; Isaac dies.
Genesis 36 – The line of Esau; Esau journeys to Edom.
Genesis 37 – Joseph is favored; Joseph’s dreams; Joseph sold into Egyptian slavery.
Genesis 38 – Judah’s sons killed by God; Judah commits adultery.
Genesis 39 – Joseph finds favor with Potiphar, is tested by Potiphar’s wife, is imprisoned, and finds favor with jailer.
Genesis 40 – Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s servants’ dreams.
Genesis 41 – Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams; Joseph exalted and given authority to prepare for famine.
Genesis 42 – Joseph’s brothers visit him; he imprisons Simeon so they will bring Benjamin.
Genesis 43 – Joseph’s brothers bring Benjamin and dine with Joseph.
Genesis 44 – Joseph makes it appear Benjamin stole a cup; Judah pleads to be held as surety.
Genesis 45 – Joseph reveals himself; Pharaoh invites Jacob to Egypt.
Genesis 46 – Jacob and his family travel to Goshen.
Genesis 47 – Pharaoh greets Jacob; Pharaoh accrues money, livestock, and wealth during famine; Jacob to be buried in Canaan.
Genesis 48 – Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim; Ephraim to be greater than his brother.
Genesis 49 – Jacob blesses his sons; Jacob dies and is to be buried with his fathers.
Genesis 50 – Egypt mourns; Joseph buries Jacob; Joseph’s bones to be carried to Canaan; Joseph dies.

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February 27, 2004 at 3:55 am

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